What we do?

Operational management consulting

Operational management consulting

  • Organization processes development (accountancy, controlling, HR, supply chain),
  • Operating procedures and policies development,
  • Process maps,
  • Processes digitalization project support,
  • Lean management implementations at the organization level,
  • Operational risk support (procedures, analyzes and recommendations, documentation),
  • Strategy implementation plans at the organization level in the areas of finance / HR / administration / IT.
HR area

HR area

  • HR policies and procedures preparation/optimization (KPIs, BSC, communication),
  • HR reorganization support (organizational changes projects),
  • HR management systems implementations project,
  • Analyzes and recommendations in the HR area,
  • Preparation of internal forms of company's HR documents.


  • Budgets, forecasts, deviations reports and analysis,
  • Budgeting processes and control procedures implementations,
  • Cost control analyzes, controlling processes and procedures implementation,
  • Strategy implementation (reports, analyzes, studies),
  • Preparation of summaries and management accounts.
Control and internal audit

Control and internal audit

  • Analysis of operational communication flows,
  • Financial, accounting and controlling systems implementation analysis, recommendations,
  • Control and compliance procedures development,
  • Co-sourcing services: performing internal audits and controls in selected areas.

How we do it?

We provide our expert services according to models:

We provide our expert services according to models:

  • as accounting office (keeping KPIR, accounting for SMEs),
  • based on contractual agreements for the provision of a specific service (reports, analyzes, procedures),
  • based on SLA agreements as part of outsourcing for entrepreneurs and companies (controlling, accounting, taxes, process management).

Why outsourcing?

By separating some functions or processes outside the company and passing them to an external expert, the company can optimize operating costs and obtain better quality services than employees in place could do. The benefit for the client is the focus on the company's core business and gaining access to expert knowledge, which is not available in the company.


We cooperate based on

  • contract for the performance of a given service - services performed by us are not directly supervised by the company during their execution (result service),
  • co-sourcing - services made by us are carried out under the strict supervision of the client (company supervision over the quality of the services during their performance).


A properly prepared contract is a key element in the success of an outsourcing contract. Deciding to cooperate with an entrepreneur or a company under outsourcing, we sign a SLA (Service Level Agreement) / OLA (Operational Level Agreement). These agreements include: the parties to the contract, the subject and scope of the contract, the level of service and its value, rules for measuring service levels, start and end dates, scope and conditions of cooperation and liability of parties, terms of remuneration, method and dates of payments and partial settlements, detailed the conditions of data protection and confidential information and the extent of the parties' liability.